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London Conveyancing

Despite having experienced a strong and fast property price growth in 2015 and increased tax liabilities of high value properties, London still remains an extremely attractive location and investment opportunity for overseas buyers. London’s status as a global financial centre and world city makes it attractive.

London has also an important French community with around 300,000 French citizens living in the capital. A new French school has opened in Wembley in 2015 to cope with the huge demand for places from wealthy ex-pats living in the capital.

At FRANCOphile Legal Consulting, we are advising French expats who require a French & English speaking legal consultant to advise them throughout their purchase of a property (residential or commercial) in London.

The conveyancing process in England is completely different from the one in France. One main difference is that each party must instruct his own legal advisor. In France, the notaire will handle the conveyancing process on behalf of both parties.

As a general rule, the buyer takes responsibility for investigation of the property via his legal advisor. The common law principle of caveat emptor (“let the buyer beware”) means that, subject to some exceptions, the seller is not obliged to disclose anything about that property to the buyer. This means that the onus is on the buyer to find out everything he wants or needs to know about the property before buying it or becoming committed to buy it.


For all conveyancing matters in London, we work in collaboration with solicitors of B&M Law LLP, who have a strong experience in residential and commercial property. With their expertise, we will offer our clients a friendly informed service in their native language, which will take the stress out of their property transaction in the global city of London.

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