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French Entrepreneurs

The UK encourages entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs are praised for starting their own business.

London offers a fantastic platform for business creation and extension with favourable legislation and taxation in contrast with other jurisdictions in Europe. The city is very cosmopolite with workers coming from every part of the world.

Due to its geographical closeness with France, the UK makes an ideal location for French expatriates to relocate there. There are between 300,000 and 400,00 French citizens living in London making it the France’s 6th biggest city in terms of population.

Not every start-up will success and success will require careful business planning, market research and hard work.

We can help in laying solid foundations for your business by advising you on the right legal framework (sole trader, limited company, limited liability company), setting up your company and preparing the important commercial contracts you will need to operate.

All the legal work related to English law we are proposing to our French clients will be carried out by our partners B&M Law LLP, which are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

The service will be provided in English and French to ensure that your concerns or issues have been clearly understood and that appropriate legal solutions can be delivered without the legal jargon.

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If you are a French expatriate and need advice on English law, please contact Loic Raboteau via email at

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