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French Expats in London

We work closely with the French community in London helping French entrepreneurs and individuals with their English legal affairs, whether it is for setting up a business or for conveyancing in London.

We understand that it can be a daunting experience for French expatriates to navigate through the English legal system without proper assistance.

Our director, Loic Raboteau, works as a consultant for B&M Law LLP, a London-based law firm of solicitors and international lawyers, to provide a comprehensive legal service that is recognised for its integrity and international vision.

All the legal work related to English law we are proposing to our French clients will be carried out by B&M Law LLP, which is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

The service will be provided in English and French to ensure that your concerns or issues have been clearly understood and that appropriate legal solutions can be delivered without the legal jargon.

If you are a French expatriate and need advice on English law, please contact Loic Raboteau via email at


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