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Francophone Africa

Africa with its all year around sun and cheaper purchase prices compared to the European property market can sound very attractive to property investors.

Due to their colonial history, many African countries are following a legal system originated from the Napoleonic Code and have French as their official language (Francophone Africa). In Morocco, Tunisia and in Mauritius, purchase agreements will be written in French while in Egypt contracts will be drafted in English and Arabic.

Purchasing in Africa may offer exciting returns for property investors if they do their homework and study each market. However, it remains a challenge and a risk to invest due to lack of transparency in some African jurisdictions and lack of legal protection during the purchasing process with countries offering greater protection than others.

When purchasing in Africa, it is important to have with you the right professional contacts to guide you. At Francophile Legal Consulting, with our network of foreign lawyers, notaires and other professionals, we can assist you with your property purchase in Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Mauritius.


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