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Egypt – Property Law

Egypt Property Law

Egypt Property Law

A Northern African country bordered on two sides by the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, Egypt is surrounded by a culturally and environmentally rich atmosphere. The region has become flooded with tourists wanting to explore the location and discover the way of life of the locals. Many tourists have enjoyed the experience so much that they chose to purchase a holiday home in Egypt.

Although Egypt present advantages for property investors (easy access, weather, affordable properties, low taxes), the Egyptian buying process lacks transparency (difficulties to register title deeds, corruption). Despite a purchase in Egypt sounds appealing, it is essential to use an independent legal advisor who is able to review your documents, carry out due diligence on the property and explain the terms to your full understanding.


  • Legal advice throughout the buying and selling process
  • Review and drafting of sale agreements (in English and Arabic)
  • Advice on the most suitable purchase structure, estate planning
  • Assistance with the authentication of your sale agreement by the Egyptian Court: “signature validity” procedure
  • Assistance with the registration of your title deed
  • Drafting and legalisation of power of attorney
  • Property litigation
  • Drafting wills
  • Coordinating the case in collaboration with the estate agents, developers, trustees, brokers, accountants, IFAs, foreign lawyers, banks

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