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French Tax

Articles French Tax May 16, 2017

Final call to claim a refund of your French social charges!

Over the past two years, we wrote a few articles on the case law De Ruyter [2015] (case C-623-13-Mr De Ruyter), where the European Court of Justice ruled that taxing French social charges on source property income for foreign tax residents was against EU law. Since that ruling, foreign tax residents, whether residing in or […]

Articles French Tax October 25, 2016

France’s Draft Budget for 2017

On 28 September 2016, the French government presented its draft budget for 2017 (projet de loi de finances pour 2017). The draft budget was submitted to the parliament, where it will be discussed in the coming weeks. Subsequently, amendments may be made and other measures added before becoming law. The key measures of the draft […]

Articles French Tax October 21, 2016

Claim a refund of your French social charges!

At Francophile Legal Consulting, we have been helping non-residents claiming back the French social charges they have paid in relation to the rental income or capital gain they have received from their French property. Regardless of where you are residing and as long as you are not registered with the French health care system, you […]

Articles French Tax April 21, 2016

Do not forget to claim a refund of French social charges!

As we wrote in a previous article on the “French social charges saga”, The “Conseil d’Etat” (CE), in a decision dated 27th July 2015, drew the consequences of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) judgement of 26 February 2015 (Case C-623/13, de Ruyter). It confirmed that the taxation of social charges on French income-generating assets […]