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French estate planning

Buy to let furnished property in France: la SARL de famille

When reading articles on French property, the société civile immobilière (SCI) is very often referred as a traditional special purpose vehicle (SPV) to purchase a property in France between friends or members of a family. However, the SCI is not recommended when buying-to-let a furnished property in France as the company would automatically be subject to corporation […]

Articles French estate planning September 2, 2016

New EU law on French matrimonial regimes

New EU law on French matrimonial property regimes In contrast with the UK where there is no matrimonial property regime as such, there are many matrimonial property regimes in France available to choose from. By default, in the absence of a marriage contract in France, the legal regime is the “régime de la communauté réduite aux acquêts” in […]