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Articles French Tax October 17, 2017

French Finance Bill for 2018

On 27 September 2017, the French government presented its Finance Bill for 2018 (projet de loi de finances pour 2018) (the Bill). The Bill has been submitted to the National Assembly, where it will be discussed in the coming weeks before being sent to the Senate. The key measures of the Bill are summarized below. […]

Articles French estate planning October 16, 2017

The French Supreme Court applies a Foreign law despite the French forced heirship rules

Since the EU Regulation no 650/2012, which came into force on 17th August 2015, it has been possible for a testator to elect in his Will his national law to govern the future devolution of his assets located in the 18 signatory countries (France, Spain, Italy…) to this EU regulation. A British testator can therefore […]

Articles French probate August 8, 2017

Case Study: International Probate and French Joint Bank Account

The following case study shows the difficulties encountered in French probate matters when the estate includes a French joint bank account. Question: Having bought a second home in Normandy 10 years ago, my husband and I had a joint bank account with a French bank.  Sadly, my husband died six months ago and I began […]

Buy to let furnished property in France: la SARL de famille

When reading articles on French property, the société civile immobilière (SCI) is very often referred as a traditional special purpose vehicle (SPV) to purchase a property in France between friends or members of a family. However, the SCI is not recommended when buying-to-let a furnished property in France as the company would automatically be subject to corporation […]

Articles French Tax May 16, 2017

Final call to claim a refund of your French social charges!

Over the past two years, we wrote a few articles on the case law De Ruyter [2015] (case C-623-13-Mr De Ruyter), where the European Court of Justice ruled that taxing French social charges on source property income for foreign tax residents was against EU law. Since that ruling, foreign tax residents, whether residing in or […]

Articles French property law March 10, 2017

Buying a French property via a foreign company

When it comes to advising on a suitable property purchase structure in France, there is no “silver bullet”. It all depends on the buyer’s personal circumstances (finances, family, nationality, country of residency) and the type of property he will be buying (residential, buy to let, furnished or unfurnished). It is therefore important to take professional […]

Articles French property law December 21, 2016

The France Show 2017

Francophile Legal Consulting will be exhibiting at the France Show Exhibition at Olympia (London), stand P213, between 27-29 January 2017. The France Show Exhibition  is the UK’s largest event dedicated to France. During the three-day exhibition, visitors can discover travel ideas, local gastronomy and look for their dream property. It is the highly recommended to attend event in […]

Articles French Tax October 25, 2016

France’s Draft Budget for 2017

On 28 September 2016, the French government presented its draft budget for 2017 (projet de loi de finances pour 2017). The draft budget was submitted to the parliament, where it will be discussed in the coming weeks. Subsequently, amendments may be made and other measures added before becoming law. The key measures of the draft […]

Articles French Tax October 21, 2016

Claim a refund of your French social charges!

At Francophile Legal Consulting, we have been helping non-residents claiming back the French social charges they have paid in relation to the rental income or capital gain they have received from their French property. Regardless of where you are residing and as long as you are not registered with the French health care system, you […]

Articles French property law October 11, 2016

American investors: key considerations when buying a property in France

With a strong US dollar (USD) against the euro and with record low French mortgage interest rates, buying a French property has become more attractive for the American investors. However, I notice from enquiries I have received  across the Atlantic, that there is still a misconception that non-EU (Europe Union) investors are treated less favourably in comparison with […]